How We Cut Your Cost

There is no magic involved. It is all about careful calculation. We come up with ideas for reducing our own operational costs and pass the savings on to our clients. Here are a few examples:

The "Two Team" Model. We have a team of Lead Bioinformaticians (LBs), consisting of top bioinformatics experts, who handle the most challenging problems in our operations. We also have a capable team of junior Bioinformatics Engineers (BEs) who take care of more systematic or routine problems. By clearly defining the roles of the two teams and dividing duties accordingly, we are able to significantly reduce our operational costs because the LBs' time (which is more expensive) is only used when necessary.

The "Critical Mass" Idea. Even if your business has one or two top bioinformatics experts, their productivity and quality of work will suffer and your costs will increase as soon as they encounter a domain that is outside of their area of expertise – for example, when an informatics expert encounters an IT or hardware issue. It is rare to see a large number of top bioinformatics experts with complementary strengths working in the same organization, like in our LB team. Not only do they compensate for each other's weaknesses, but as a team they create synergy, which leads to further savings in the operation.

The Overhead Control Principle. We work diligently to control and reduce the overhead of our operations. Only LBs are considered essential. Other members of our team, including office staff and even BEs, are only hired as needed. In addition, our overhead control principle dictates that we will not directly commit our BEs to large-scale operations. Instead, for those large-scale client operations, we will use the Cooperative Service Model, in which the clients establish their own BE teams to work under the guidance of our LB team, freeing up our own BE team. This service model (click here to learn more) eliminates the need for us to maintain a large BE team. By carefully controlling our overhead, we achieve the highest level of productivity with minimal overhead and pass these savings on to our clients.

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