Service Models

We offer three models of service for your business to choose from.

Project-Based Model. We develop bioinformatics solutions to meet the needs of your individual projects, and carry out the solutions directly. This model applies to small-scale, occasional/seasonal projects that include a bioinformatics component, or require a bioinformatics solution.

Outsourcing Model. We take care of your entire bioinformatics operation, including hardware, software, IT, and analysis solutions – all in our facility. Our Lead Bioinformatician (LB) team will make strategic plans and develop operable solutions to meet your needs, as well as overseeing the execution of the solutions. Our Bioinformatics Engineer (BE) team will carry out the operation under the guidance of the LB team. Your business will receive deliverables – results precisely meeting your specifications – without ever worrying about operation-level details. This model is suitable for businesses with operations including a constant or routine bioinformatics component, and intermediate-level, stand-alone bioinformatics tasks.

Cooperative Model. Our LB team will develop strategic plans and workable solutions for your bioinformatics operation, and will direct and oversee the execution of the plans and solutions. Meanwhile, your business will establish and maintain a BE team of your own, and your BE team will carry out the operation in your facility under the supervision and guidance of our LB team. Our business model dictates that we do not maintain a large BE team (click here to know more), thus we would not provide manpower for very large-scale bioinformatics operations. By adopting the Cooperative Model, your business will take advantage of the uniquely all-around expertise of our LB team, meantime has a bioinformatics team under your own control. This model applies to very large scale bioinformatics operations that require a heavy operational and/or maintenance crew.

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