The “Two Team” Model

We have two teams of bioinformaticians to help you develop and execute your bioinformatics solutions.

Our Lead Bioinformatician (LB) Team include eight highly decorated bioinformatics experts. They have >100 years of combined experience in bioinformatics research and development. Of them, six have dual educational backgrounds in both biology/medicine and computer science/computer engineering, five have held or are currently holding faculty appointments in major U.S. institutions, and two have had experience coordinating and supporting bioinformatics development of >80 research groups in a major university. These LBs have published a total of >200 research articles. Each of them is a leading expert in defined fields under the discipline of bioinformatics; their domains of expertise are highly complementary, and jointly cover all major areas of bioinformatics. Detailed introduction to each of our LBs can be found here.

The LB team is assisted by our team of Bioinformatics Engineers (BEs). They are a vigorous group of young and intelligent engineers on their way to becoming top bioinformatics experts. Each of our BEs has a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in Bioinformatics or a related discipline. They are highly effective in executing plans and deploying solutions developed by LBs, and carrying out systematic and routine bioinformatics tasks.

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