Service Models

We offer three service models for your business to choose from: the Project-Based Model, which is suitable for small-scale, occasional or seasonal projects with a bioinformatics component; the Outsourcing Model, which is suitable for businesses with operations that include a constant or routine bioinformatics component; and the Cooperative Model, which is suitable for large-scale bioinformatics operations that require a heavy operational or maintenance crew. Learn More

How We Cut Your Cost

At AccuraScience, we are constantly seeking ways to lower our own operating costs, which allows us to pass on the savings to our clients. A few examples of the strategies we use include maintaining two teams of bioinformatics experts, with the more costly Lead Bioinformatician team being deployed only when necessary, maintaining a "critical mass" of top-level bioinformatics expertise and fostering synergy among our experts, and working to reduce overhead while maintaining a small but highly capable team of Bioinformatics Engineers. Read More

Our Strengths

Our Lead Bioinformatician team consists of eight highly skilled bioinformatics experts who have a combined experience of over 150 years in research and development in this field. Each member of this team is a leading expert in specific areas within bioinformatics and their combined expertise covers all major areas of the discipline. They are supported by a team of highly capable Bioinformatics Engineers. Read More

The Company

AccuraScience LLC is a company located in Iowa that was established by a group of professional bioinformaticians, bioinformatics software developers, and investors. In the last nine years, our team of bioinformatics experts has provided assistance to over 120 industrial clients with their bioinformatics work. We are committed to offering our clients the highest quality and most cost-effective bioinformatics solutions. Read More