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Basic Information. AccuraScience LLC is registered in Iowa, United States. It is headquartered in Johnston, Iowa, and has a branching office operating in Beijing, China. The company has been established and managed by a group of professional bioinformaticians, bioinformatics software developers and investors, with a mix of strong expertise in academic research, industrial development and business operation.

AccuraScience was established with the understanding that advances in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies – and other new technologies capable of producing massive amount of biomedical data – are inducing profound changes in biomedical research, biotechnology development and clinical practice. Whereas the scientific community, the biotech industry and the clinical research sector enjoy the benefits of these new technologies and embrace the new opportunities presented to them by these breakthroughs, they are also faced with unprecedented challenges in the handling, analyzing and interpreting the huge amount of data they receive. AccuraScience was established to help them address these challenges.

A Brief History. In June 2013, four leading bioinformatics experts joined AccuraScience, and a test-run operation began in AccuraScience. In October 2013, AccuraScience launched its formal operation (Phase 1). In the three-month period that followed, AccuraScience’s Lead Bioinformaticians (LBs) and Bioinformatics Engineers (BEs) helped >120 biomedical researchers with their research and development projects. A vast majority of these clients are professors and principal investigators in universities and research institutions, and some of them are researchers associated with commercial entities in the biotech industry. In the same period of time, AccuraScience LB team has grown to double the original size, and its domains of expertise now cover all major areas of bioinformatics.

Looking Forward. With this remarkable success, AccuraScience launches the next phase (Phase 2) of its operation: reaching out to commercial entities in the biotech industry, and offering bioinformatics solutions to their operations. We are confident that our strengths can be translated to our clients’ strengths, and our successes can be turned into our clients’ successes. We pledge to do all what it takes to ensure that our clients enjoy the highest quality and most cost-effective bioinformatics solutions, offered only by AccuraScience.

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